KingSOMNALA The Plentiologist

Educational Background

Diploma; Message of Faith Bible Institute, 1988
Associate of Art Degree; (Message of Faith Bible Institute), 1989
Doctor of Divinity (Honorary) Honorary Degree of Doctorate in Divinity (Holy Nation Bble College) 2001

Professor (Honourary) Healing and Community Development (House of Prayer and Holiness
International Ministries) 2013

Dr Nala is computer literate, without any formal schooling, he can read, write and speak English fluently


Dr Hamilton Qhoshangokwakhe Nala was born on 28 August 1963 in the rural outskirts of Inkandla, approximately 250 kilometres North of Durban. Born from a polygamist marriage, he is the fifth child of Bantungani Charles (Canasa) Nala and a second child from Philisiwe, MaCebekhulu (his second wife). His father was a well-known Traditional Healer in the area. As a young boy, Nala would be sent by his father to pick up healing herbs from the bushes closer to his home.

Nala grew up as a very sick child, with no hope of surviving or making it to adulthood. As he was told, he recalls very vividly that at some point, while he was admitted at Chris Hani Baragwanath Hospital, Gauteng Province, he died and rose again in a few hours. Not unexpectedly from the older generation, his parents did not want to talk much about this incidence.

Nala was a very obedient child which made him to get close to his father. For this reason, his father treated and regarded him as an heir. As a result, it would normally be expected that should his father die, he would take over all his duties and responsibilities as the head of the Nala Tribe. This would include taking over his father's practice as a Traditional Healer (Ukuthatha izikhwama zobunyanga).

Nala grew up as a very inquisitive child. His intimate relationship with his father gave him an advantage of asking his father about anything and everything that pertains to his family and life in general.

Due to ill-health, he was the only one amongst his older siblings to go to school, although at a very late age. He loved and enjoyed school but due to financial constraints, he was forced to terminate his schooling at Sub Standard A (Grade 1).

His encounter with God

During his childhood he used to be visited by God and angels during his sleep. During these visits, God would literally speak to him. This happened for a very long time. A remarkable visitation was when the angels came to him in a dream and gave him a gift. He started to be very confused by these visitations. He sought for answers but could not find anyone to explain to him. It was only when he met a certain 'Reverend' (whose name he cannot remember); who advised him to pray to God and say: "Lord, I have heard about you but I do not know you. Please reveal yourself to me. I will do everything you want me to do." Indeed he went to pray that prayer.

Another remarkable incident took place one day while on his way home, he met a Zionist woman who stopped him and started to foretell him about his future. She told him that he would never work for a "white man"; meaning he would never be employed. However, against this prophecy, in 1984/1985 he went to Durban to look for employment. He did not find any formal employment, most probably in fulfillment of the prophecy from a Zionist woman.

After many such visitations, prophecies, visions and dreams, it became clear to him that the calling of God was upon him. With no clear direction, in 1985 he yielded to the call of God. This caused a lot of turmoil and misunderstanding in his family, which led to him to being disowned as he was viewed as a rebel who had neglected family traditions. This caused divisions in the family. As much as the family was against him, some took his side but supported him privately in fear of victimization from the rest of the family. His move to Durban marked the beginning of the manifestation of God's calling in his life.


KingSOMNALA Profile

KingSOMNALA  is an Apostle, and a Prophet with a divine insight to rightly dividing the Word. He is the First Citizen of the World of Plenty and the Progenator of the Plentian Nation. He is also known as the Plentiologist (an expert in Plentiology which is a study about plenty). On 19 December 2015 he was officially inaugurated as the King of the Plentian Nation (which was also officially launched in South Africa on the afore said date). He is the Founder/President of Nala Mandate International "A World of Plenty and more than enough", located in the City of Durban, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa. The church caters for thousands attendees on every given Sundays, with packed services every day of the week. The church provides a home for the hurting, discouraged, indebted, depressed, and confused.

King Dr HQ Nala is mightily used by God in the Healing and Miracle Mandate. Many people have been healed through this mandate, which impacts millions of people through radio, television and other social media. Signs and wonders displayed in his services and conventions are a true testimony of God's calling and healing anointing upon him. He has many Faith Products such as Faith Water, Faith Oil etc which represents his anointing for healing and miracle mandate. These can be accessed through his World of Plenty shops across the country as well as Mobile Shops. In 2013 he was officially launched as a National Prophet in South Africa when the South African government attacked him for the claims that his Faith Water could heal people from HIV/Aids.

King Dr HQ Nala founded the concept called the World of Plenty. This came as a result of his conversation with God about his father's and mother's surname. God then mandated him to lead His people into the World of Plenty. As he defines it, the World of Plenty is a spiritual realm which is experienced by the right state of mind through faith in the finished work of Christ; a spiritual location, not a physical or earthly location; a realm of more than enough, where nothing is missing and nothing is broken; a world of no pain, sickness and disease; and a world where poverty, lack and shortage do not exist. This is a world of completely no evil. As a philosophy of life, it suggests that poverty and riches are a state of mind. The World of Plenty has changed many people's lives through a change of mind-set and a way of thinking and talking.

A book Author, King Dr Nala has to date published three books, namely, Time for Singing, World of Plenty, and Three Days and Three Nights. He founded a concept of Tehillah Song, a music concept, through which he has recorded and produced four (5) albums, namely, Africa Shay' ingoma (2002), Udumo-Glory (2006), It's time for Singing (2009), World of Plenty (2010) and Gospel of Plenty (2014). In June 2017 he is set to record his 6th album. His mission is to compose and record new songs through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.

King Dr HQ Nala functions under various mandates which God has bestowed upon him. In 2000 God spoke to him and mandated him to teach people about His mandate. He then founded Nala Mandate International (NMI). This is a prophetic and apostolic mandate that provides a covering to Pastors and churches that are subscribed to it.

King Dr HQ Nala has also founded Izwelenala FM which is a network of radio stations whereby he broadcasts his daily radio programmes on 4 radio stations simultaneously. His daily programmes are Monday to Thursday @ 20h00 to 22h00 as well as Friday to Sunday 21h00 to 23h00. Through his radio ministry he touched about 60 percent of KwaZulu Natal. Many people also tune in across telhe country and the globe through the internet.

World of Plenty Mandate
Church Mandate
Healing and Miracle Mandate
Music Mandate (Tehillah Song)
Nation Building Mandate
Social Network Mandate
Hand of Compassion

Community Development Involvement

Dr Nala is a Founder of African Psalmists Network (APNET), an organization which is an umbrella body for Gospel Musicians founded in 2006.
He has served as a Treasurer for Highway Radio
He is the founding member and the first chairperson of KNI Radio.
He has, and continues to provide shelter and financial relief to many needy people around the City of Durban.
He has played a leading role in providing a home for street children and eventually uniting them with their families.
He provides burial assistance to impoverished families where a need exists.
His ministry donated towards rental of premises for Muthande Society for the Aged for six (6) months in 2009.
Through a professional team of experts (doctors, lawyers, social workers, etc) in his ministry, he coordinates workshops and attends to various social problems, making various referrals where necessary.
In 2013 he launched a new organisation hand of compation assisted children from an orphanage in Chesterville with a sum of R57 000.00 plus groceries worth over R10 000.00 and building of houses.

Healing Ministry

Through the anointing that is upon him, Dr HQ Nala healed various people from different diseases, of which some of them have been declared incurable, such as HIV/AIDS and cancer. Many people who were due to undergo surgery for various ailments have testified to have been completely healed. Dr Nala has ministered deliverance to many men and women, young and old who are possessed by satanism, spirit of homosexuality and the like.

Beside him praying and laying hands on the sick, Dr Nala uses various Nala Mandate branded materials (World of Plenty Faith products) such as Faith Water, Faith Oil, Faith Honey, T-shirts, and miracle cloths, to mention a few. He started to use Faith Water for the promotion of his music shows, after which he received many testimonies of people who got healed whilst drinking branded water. God spoke to him that people would be healed as they use his branded material
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