King Somnala is the Founder / Presidents of Rebirth Family Centre [RFC] located in City of Durban,South Africa. Rebirth is known as a “City of praise and a home for every one”.
He has also founded Tehillah Ministry in 1998, Nala Mandate International in 2000, Nala Mandate Institute in 2003, APNET (African Psalmists Network) in 2006 which is an umbrella ministry for gospel musicians both recorded and non-recorded
The products that God mandated DR HQ Nala to use and heal his people include Faith Water, Nala juice, Faith oil, Miracle cloths, DVDs, CDs etc
These products are available at all located branches across the nation. Many people have been healed from many diseases such as HIV/AIDS, cancer, stroke etc. These are faith products that have been used by many peaople. Go to our wop news website on and view how people have been healed
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Nala Mandate Auditorium
248 Gale Street uMbilo
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